20 More SAT Words (Quiz Included)


Here’s my second post on common SAT words. The first post is here. Below are 20 words randomly selected from one of those lists and their definitions. Click on the word for a more detailed definition on Merriam-Webster.com. Below the list is a link to a quiz on these 20 words.

Please share this list with students who will be taking SATs in the future.


  1. Abbreviate: to shorten or abridge
  2. Asylum: sanctuary, shelter
  3. Censure: to criticize harshly
  4. Deleterious: harmful; destructive
  5. Empathy: identification with the feelings of others
  6. Florid: gaudy, ornate
  7. Hackneyed: cliched, worn out by overuse
  8. Hypothesis: theory requiring proof
  9. Impute: to attribute an action to a particular person or group
  10. Lobbyist: a person seeking to influence political events
  11. Nonchalant: calm, seemingly unexcited
  12. Ostentatious: showy, displaying wealth
  13. Parched: dried up, shriveled
  14. Perfidious: faithless, disloyal
  15. Prosperity: wealth or success
  16. Rancorous: bitter, hateful
  17. Reclusive: preferring to live in isolation
  18. Sagacity: wisdom
  19. Transient: temporary, short-lived
  20. Wary: careful, cautious

Click Here To Take the Quiz on These 20 Words! 


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