Crazy English Memes, Part II


They’re back!

FYI, these all came out of my brain, but I no longer recall how they got into my brain in the first place. I’ve been told the one about getting in, rather than on, an airplane originated with George Carlin. Maybe I heard him many years ago and it stuck, but I don’t recall. As far as I know that was my own thought. In other words, if some of these sound plagiarized, I’m not being dishonest, I just have a bad memory.

Click here for Crazy English Memes Part I.

Why is a caregiver the same as a caretaker? ENGLISH…

She asked if I wanted a hot cup of coffee. I said, “No, I want a cup of hot coffee.”

Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway? ENGLISH…

Why do we play at a recital and recite at a play? ENGLISH…

Why do we ship things in cars and send cargo by ship? ENGLISH…


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  1. Jason

    Don’t forget Jerry Seinfeld’s “what’s up with ovaltine? The Jarvis round, the. Cup it round. They should call it Roundtine.” On second thought, that’s not the same at all….never mind.

  2. Grammar Nut
    Grammar Nut10-28-2013

    Yes, I noticed that you stole one of mine already…

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko10-28-2013

      Nah. That’s an old one–play at a recital?

      • Grammar Nut
        Grammar Nut10-29-2013


  3. Grammar Nut
    Grammar Nut10-28-2013

    Why is a boxing ring round? How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, but a wise man and a wise guy are opposites? Why does quicksand works slowly?

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko10-28-2013

      I may have to steal these, G.N.

    • Will Egan
      Will Egan10-30-2013

      Boxing rings are square.

      • Brian Wasko
        Brian Wasko10-30-2013

        I’m sure that’s what GN meant to say, Will. ­čÖé

        • Grammar Nut
          Grammar Nut10-31-2013

          Yeah, that’s what I meant! Sorry. ­čÖé

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