20 SAT Vocabulary Words: A Quiz


Click on the image below to try your hand at a quiz on twenty common SAT vocabulary words. I’d love to hear how you do in the comments.


Tell me how you did in the comments below.

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  1. Grammar Nut
    Grammar Nut10-09-2013

    I got an 85%. I knew the word tenacious from Jurassic Park. Do you remember the scene where Ellie discovered the triceratops lying on the ground sick? After she examined it, she started muttering to herself. Ian stated to Sam, “She’s tenacious.” Since then, I have never forgotten that word.

  2. Lisa Strader
    Lisa Strader10-09-2013

    80%— boo! I couldn’t remember “assiduous” or demagogue,” and I didn’t know the exact definitions of “longevity” and “precocious,” though I can use them correctly in sentences. This is why I periodically spot-check my vocabulary to make sure I’m using exactly the right word!

  3. Kayleen Miller
    Kayleen Miller10-09-2013

    I scored 60%. Oops! I’ve studied a few of the words but couldn’t remember their meanings. I’m glad I saw this though. I need to work on my vocabulary before I take the SAT in December!

  4. Cathy Simonton
    Cathy Simonton10-09-2013

    100%– that wasn’t too bad, though I wasn’t so sure if #1 was praise or love (’til I realized love would be for ‘adoration…’) Interesting that you included opposites too for most of them, and lots of false definitions that fit sound-alikes. (I make up lots of quizzes like this for vocabulary I’ve tried to teach, so appreciate the example of an expert!)

  5. Will Egan
    Will Egan10-09-2013


  6. Paul Schwarz
    Paul Schwarz10-09-2013

    90% — I always forget what “enervating” and “querulous” mean.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko10-09-2013

      If it makes you feel better, “enervating” was the toughest word. Only 20% got that right so far. “Querelous” is the 3rd toughest–only 51% got it correct (2nd is “spurious”).

  7. Elaine

    90% I missed two but one was because I accidentally marked the wrong one. Proud I still got skills at my age. Lol

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko10-09-2013

      Sure. The old “accidentally marked the wrong one” excuse. 🙂

  8. CFloyd

    I scored 65%. Some I over thought. A couple I just genuinely did not know. What did you score Mr. Wasko? When you put this together did you know all the words?

  9. CJ

    Yay for more quizzes! 🙂

    I only got 75% — but I don’t think that’s too bad, considering I’ve never seen some of those words before.

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