Our 500th Post!


This is the 500th post on the WriteAtHome Blog. That number took me by surprise.

I posted the first one (Let’s Get It Started!) on February 12, 2011, so it has taken me about 26 months to make it to 500 posts. That’s 500 posts in 793 days or about 4.4 posts per week.

What’s most encouraging to me, though, is the consistent growth in traffic. In 2011, we averaged 69 page views per day. In 2012, that number jumped to 462 views per day. So far this year, we’ve averaged 1,479 views per day. And about 1,250 people now subscribe to the blog, which means they get a weekly email with links to all our new posts.

The truth is, writing articles for this blog is one of my favorite responsibilities. Thanks for reading and sharing what you read with friends! I definitely expect to make it to 1000!

Help me out. What do you like best about the blog? What kinds of articles do you most enjoy? What have been your favorite posts? Is there anything you’d like me to cover? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the Reply section below.


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  1. Rhonda Barfield
    Rhonda Barfield04-18-2013

    Congratulations, Brian! *throws confetti in the air!*

  2. CJ

    Congrats on reaching 500! ­čśÇ I like your quizzes a lot. I also really enjoy your videos ÔÇö more of those would be nice!

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko04-15-2013

      I keep promising to do more videos. But other things keep getting in the way. They will be coming though. I’m hoping once the school year ends I’ll be able to find some time to do some. Thanks, CJ.

  3. Kela

    I like the “100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know” article. I’ve been going through the list for a month, making sure I understand each word before I move on the the next, and today I reached the last column. ­čśÇ

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko04-15-2013

      Wow, that’s great, Kela. I love your dedication to improving your vocabulary.

      That’s been such a popular post, I have started thinking about creating a second list. Thanks for the suggestion.

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