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Back Yard, Backyard, or Back-Yard?


Which is correct? Backyard, back yard, or back-yard?

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50 + Acronyms and Initials You Always Use, Defined


What do the M’s stand for in M & M? How about 3M? John Green solves these and other mysteries in this entertaining video.

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Should We Still Teach Cursive Writing?


The much publicized Common Core standards don’t require the teaching of cursive handwriting in elementary schools and, like so much else about the Common Core, this makes a lot of people unhappy.

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Write with Nouns and Verbs!


A key principle for strong writing is: “Write with nouns and verbs.”

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Feghoots and Shaggy Dogs


Not familiar with a feghoot? I bet you really are. You just didn’t know that’s what it’s called.

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