Happy National Grammar Day!



Yup. Today, March 4, also known as March Forth, is officially National Grammar Day! To honor this eminently meaningless pseudo-holiday, I present the following…

Grammar Day Theme Song

The official Grammar Day theme song by Mignon Fogarty, A.K.A. The Grammar Girl. I sincerely like Mignon. Her website and podcasts are excellent, entertaining, and informative. But this song is awful. I couldn’t quite make it all the way through to the end. She’s obviously a good sport though. šŸ™‚

Six Grammar Myths Dispelled

Here are links to six malicious myths that continue to ensnare the grammatically gullible. I, of course, slay these pernicious myths in each article, setting free their hapless victims.

Myth Buster: Passive Voice is Always Wrong

Myth Buster: Never Start a Sentence with Because

Myth Buster: Never End a Sentence with a Preposition

Myth Buster: Always Write in Complete Sentences

Myth Buster: Never Start a Sentence with And or But

Myth Buster: A Paragraph Must Have At Least X Sentences

Grammar Rock Videos

Here are links to all the classic Grammar Rock videos from the 70s.

A Grammar Comic

This one, though not strictly grammar, made me laugh.


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