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If you don’t visit this blog often, you should know that I don’t do this kind of post often. And by “this kind of post” I mean brazen marketing. If you are a regular, you can attest that overt plugs for WriteAtHome are few and far between.

But we’re doing something new this year and I want to do all I can to get the word out, so bear with me.

On second thought, don’t just bear with me. Pay attention. And pass on the information to anyone who might be interested. Yeah. That would be great.

To the point: is offering big discounts to families who enroll their students early. See, it helps to know ahead of time how many students we’ll be serving, but without incentive, people tend to wait till the last minute. That’s my a great majority of our students enroll in the last half of August. To help spread out the enrollment a bit and make our jobs easier in the late summer, we are cutting you a break for signing up early.

Full tuition for the annual  version of our tutorial writing courses is $449. That’s what you’ll pay if you wait till late summer. But if you go to the website and sign up before April, you will pay only $369. That’s an $80 savings. It’s the best discount we’ve ever offered.

In April, we’ll be raising prices. Not all the way to full price, because we’ll still consider it early. In April and May, annual course tuition jumps to $399.

I know it seems really early to be paying for a course that begins in the fall, but here are some benefits to doing that:

1. You save money.

2. You’ll have this important curriculum area taken care of early. No need to worry about it through the summer.

3. There’s no risk. Our money-back guarantee assure that you will get your money’s worth or your money back! Even if you change your mind about writing later this summer, just let us know you’d like to withdraw and we’ll refund your full tuition.

Time’s running out. Click here or on the banner in the upper right corner and get a student enrolled right now. And please spread the word. There may be others among your family and friends who might want to take advantage of this discount.

Okay, WriteAtHome promotion over. Thanks for reading. It really would be an honor to work directly with you or your students to improve their writing. Let me know if you have any questions.


Questions about WriteAtHome or our discount offer? Leave them below!


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