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The Other F-Word


This word may not conjure pleasant thoughts, but it’s an old word with an interesting history. And it makes a lot of us laugh, too.

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What Is Camel Case?


Bet you’ve never heard of camel case before, even though an example is right before your eyes!

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A Video Explanation of Active and Passive Voice


I’m on the road traveling, so I decided to repost something from a couple years ago. I’m not sure why, …

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The 100 Most Used Words in English

321 is an interesting site for logophiles. A logophile is a lover of words, but if you are a logophile, …

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Act Now and Save Big Bucks with WriteAtHome


If you don’t visit this blog often, you should know that I don’t do this kind of post often. And by “this kind of post” I mean brazen marketing. If you are a regular, you can attest that overt plugs for WriteAtHome are few and far between.

But we’re doing something new this year and I want to do all I can to get the word out, so bear with me.

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