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100 words Quiz

I recently posted American Heritage Dictionary’s “100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know.” Here’s a quiz you can take to see how well you can define all 100.

I’m using a new program to create and administer the quiz. I’d love to hear your feedback. If it goes well, I’ll start posting quizzes on a regular basis! Just click the link below and get started.

the 100 Words Quiz
Feel free to post your reactions and (if you dare) your scores!

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  1. Kevin Patton Jr
    Kevin Patton Jr01-23-2014

    I got a 32% and I am only in the fourth grade. That’s an excuse for me.

  2. Kevin Patton Jr
    Kevin Patton Jr01-23-2014

    I got a 32% and I am only in the fourth grade.

  3. Tamara

    Only 69% and I used to ace all of the Readers Digest “Word Power” quizzes! Guess it’s old age creeping in, or school is just more sophisticated than in my time B.C. – before computers.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko01-21-2014

      That score is much better than the average, Tamara. 🙂

  4. Suzie

    61% – oh dear! I got irony wrong but then I’m British so I think we have a different definition 😉

  5. Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson09-08-2013

    97%, I’m not bad at this.

  6. lynzee zed
    lynzee zed04-11-2013

    it said i only got 69 per cent but it marked seven answers wrong, saying i had put the wrong answers when i know i chose the correct one, so i actually got 76 per cent. and i’m not lying to make myself sound better. it seriously decided to say i gave answers other than i did for seven questions. better check that out. the next most annoying thing is seeing a wrong answer when the correct answer was one you were going to choose and then didn’t. that happened a little too often too.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko04-11-2013

      I’ll look into that, Lynzee. Thanks for the heads up. Even without the errors, your score is impressive. Well done.

  7. Hannah


    I am shocked, as I thought I’d gotten at least half of them wrong. My mum and sis helped a little though.

    I am a homeschool graduate.

  8. Ryan


    I’m only in 8th grade 🙂

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-06-2012

      So, are there two Ryans or just one? I’m confused.

      • Ryan

        Just one, the other person spells their name “Ryann” and i’m Ryan. Hope that helps 🙂

        • Brian Wasko
          Brian Wasko12-06-2012

          I guess so, but it’s weird. Same name (different spelling), same score (89%) and both of you guys are in middle school still.

          Anyway, well done. You’ve both done better than most adults who have taken the quiz.

  9. Ryann


    I surprised myself and my parents, because i’m only in 7th grade!! I really enjoyed learning some new words today, thanks. 🙂

  10. Mary Brueggemann
    Mary Brueggemann12-05-2012

    This was fun even though I only got a 79%. 🙂 I was in a hurry when I took the quiz, so I’ll use that as a partial excuse. I hope you put more quizzes on the site. That’s a great idea.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-05-2012

      Glad you liked it, Mary. 79% is fair. Thanks for sharing your score!

  11. Will

    75% and I’m not even in high school yet.

  12. Paul Schwarz
    Paul Schwarz12-05-2012

    87%. Solid B-plus.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-05-2012

      You should post that score on your refrigerator, Paul!

  13. Pat Eickman
    Pat Eickman12-05-2012

    92% Loved the quiz, and I learned a few words!

  14. Marie

    Could you post the results after a week or two? You aren’t testing a representative population (and you might on future quizzes ask if someone is a student or a parent/teacher), but I would still like to see how I did compared to everyone else : )

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-05-2012

      I was planning on posting some quiz results, Marie. I can tell you that 93% is well above average so far! 🙂

  15. JJ

    I got 80%. I really like the program, would be nice if the quizzes were a bit shorter. I remember that I got taxonomy mixed up with taxidermy. 🙂 Bottom line: Make more quizzes PLEASE 🙂

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-05-2012

      Thanks for the input JJ. The length is all my fault. I decided to do all 100 words instead of a sampling. I can make them any length I like. I expect most will be much shorter.

      80% is good. Well above the average, I would think.

  16. CJ

    70% – It would have been a lot worse if I didn’t know Latin. What bothered me is that I knew the general meaning of some words, but sometimes two definitions would fall under my understanding. Ah well—live and learn. I wrote down about fifteen words to use in my scribblings. 😀

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-04-2012

      I didn’t want to trick anybody, but I wanted to make it hard to guess too. 70% is a good score, CJ!

  17. CleoQc

    85% and English is my second language! 😀 yeah me!

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-04-2012

      Good job, Cleo (But you don’t have to rub it in!) 🙂

  18. Nancy Vest
    Nancy Vest12-04-2012

    74%. Acceptable.

  19. Lisa Strader
    Lisa Strader12-04-2012

    76%… Okay, not as bad as I thought. 😉

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-04-2012

      Anything above 70% is pretty strong. Heck, I missed 2 and I made the quiz!

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