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I’ve been working for several days on a blog post. They aren’t normally this time-consuming, but this one is a bit complicated. But since I don’t want to go another day without a post, let me take a brief departure from the normal kind of stuff I do here.

Introducing the Hunts

The Hunts have been our dear friends for many years. They are a homeschooling family of nine who spend much of their time traveling around the country performing music. When they are home, they run music camps and teach music. They introduced my own daughters to two of their passions: Irish dance and violin. Most the kids (maybe all?) have been WriteAtHome students as well.

And they have just released a new album! Unlike most of their previous recordings, this one is all original material written by the kids. It’s in the indie-folk category and it’s genuinely good. A popular local rock station plays songs from it regularly. The album title is We Were Young (which I find funny because they are still young!).

What I’m saying is — you should buy it! It’s available for download on iTunes.

You can also order it from their website here.

Below are some of their YouTube videos. Hope you like them!


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  1. Brad

    Brian, I saw the post of them pulling the “We Were Young” album for a launch. That post was over a year ago and was wondering if you have heard anything else about the album. I have their other music, but would love to purchase that album.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko01-04-2015

      Yes, I do. They’ve been in the studio recording lots and lots of songs. Their label wants to have a large selection to choose from. But it seems that they’ve settled on the final songs and will be releasing an album this winter. I think they said sometime in February. I’ll definitely plug them here when the album finally gets released.

      • Brad

        Thank you very much!

        • Brian Wasko
          Brian Wasko01-06-2015

          Talked to them tonight. Looks like the label is pushing it back to March or April. :(

          • Emma

            You don’t know how much this news has relieved me. I desperately want that album and I too couldn’t find it anywhere. Do you know if they’ll be including all the songs from it in their new album or are those songs no longer going to be available? I do know that when they release their new album I’m going to buy it, it’d just be nice to be able to get most, if not all of the songs from We Were Young.

  2. Erin

    I’ve trying to find where I can buy their record, but it’s no longer available on iTunes, amazon or their website. Do you know why or if it will become available again soon?

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko11-01-2013

      Weird. No idea.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko11-03-2013

      Hi Erin, I talked to the Hunts today. Apparently, their new record label has pulled the album temporarily because they want to make a big deal launch. So, hang tight. It will be available again soon. :)

  3. jenni

    thanks for the kind post! you guys are so dear to our hearts!

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-20-2012

      No problem. Just give WriteAtHome some props for helping you guys develop your song writing skills! :)

  4. Robin

    They’re very talented — my favorite is their version of ‘Hallelujah.’ What an interesting life, to travel around with your family…I imagine those siblings have to build pretty strong friendships with one another too!

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