Writers, Politicians, Celebrities Praise Libraries


I saw this on one of my favorite blogs — Twenty-two Words — and had to share it. This is from their post:

The city of Troy, Michigan got its first public library in 1962 and in 1970 that library got its first children’s librarian, Marguerite Hart. Early in her tenure, she launched a letter campaign to dozens of celebrities — authors, politicians, artists, and more — simply asking that they reply with their thoughts on the importance of libraries and books.

Almost a hundred public figures responded with letters. Twenty-two words features letters from six: Dr. Seuss, E.B. White, George Romney (then governor of Massachusetts and father of Mitt Romney), Isaac Asimov, Neil Armstrong, and Ronald Reagan. Many more are available on the Troy Library website. My two favorite are below.

Letter from Dr. Seuss

Letter from Isaac Asimov

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