250 Ways to Say “Went”


Some time ago I created a poster called “200 Ways to Say Went.” It was quite a hit, especially on Pinterest. Several people inquired if there were print posters available, but I had created it quickly in a program that didn’t permit quality printing. Then a precocious commenter, Kimiko, challenged by my list, came up with another 100 ways to say went.

So, I went back to the beginning and recreated the poster, honing the two lists to 250 fantastic alternatives to world’s blandest verb. I also created it in a format that will permit printed posters in case there is a demand. I’m looking into ways to make posters available. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in buying one.

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250 Ways to Say Went*****

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  1. Frederick Showler
    Frederick Showler07-13-2016

    Hi Brian, I like your lists in helping to get a better feeling across in the sentence.Not wishing to sound too pedantic, but went is also a way of saying went. The other words are alternative ways of saying went. Perhaps the words ‘alternative ways’ or ‘other ways’ could be used. Thank you for stretching our minds. I now have a feeling that I won’t want went to wend its way into my writing. Cheers F

  2. Beth

    I stumbled across your blog as I was searching for commonly used words in writing with young children. Your posters are fantastic; I’ve pinned all of them. I’m a classroom teacher trying to develop a word wall for my first graders to use as they write. I read an article,
    The Words Children Write 2008 – Education Website,(www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/teachers/teaching…). It was very good but tailored to words used in Britain and Australia. Do you know of any similar articles based on American usage?

  3. devang

    dear brian,
    thanks for sharing your fruitful brain with us
    indeed u r doing a great job for so many of us
    thanks and regards

  4. Amy

    This is very helpful! Is it possible to get it in a text file?

  5. Helen

    These are fantastic! I have bookmarked your page for when I’m stuck. Thank you for sharing.
    I discovered your page thanks to Retweets for Writers on Twitter. Sometimes procrastinating on Twitter pays off!

  6. Joe Doria
    Joe Doria10-08-2014

    You left out “Boomed:

    “To move with a resounding rush or great impetus”.

  7. Jane Bellows
    Jane Bellows09-06-2014

    Love this! I would like to buy the poster.

  8. Debbie

    Brian, I would also like copies oaf all 3 posters when available.

  9. Christine Drance
    Christine Drance08-23-2014

    I would love to get all 3 posters to hang in my middle school classroom when they are ready. Please keep me in the loop. Thanks.

  10. Amanda Suttle
    Amanda Suttle07-28-2014

    I’d love posters of all of your lists! How can I make that happen?

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko07-30-2014

      They have been designed and are ready to go to the printer. We have a few things we have to do first, but we hope to begin offering them in Mid August. Stay tuned!

  11. Bob Cadloni
    Bob Cadloni07-18-2014

    I would like a “said” poster. Not sure if you’re checking your blog often, but if you have the poster available, keep me in mind.

  12. Jen

    I would LOVE a copy of this-found this page when I was looking for a place to buy this poster How can I get a copy?

  13. Julie

    I would love a copy of this!

  14. Mary

    I would love to buy a poster!

  15. Daphanie

    Hi Brian,

    I’m actually thinking of printing this on A4 paper and paste in on the class notice board but I can’t seem to fit it on Word as an image. Any suggestion? Or do you sell this posters? I’m also looking at 100 ways to say “bad” and 100 ways to say “said”

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko01-23-2014

      Hi Daphanie. I am working on a print version of this that I can make available. It isn’t ready yet, however. 🙁

      • Jill

        I would love a poster of this as well.

  16. Teresa Johnson
    Teresa Johnson11-13-2013

    I would like to purchase this poster.

  17. Merri Larsen
    Merri Larsen10-30-2013

    *Jumping* on this bandwagon a little late…but I’m ALL IN. I would regularly use this at the Writing Center at Weatherford College where I work. FABULOUS.

  18. Tom Corneil
    Tom Corneil10-23-2013

    I need 3 of these! They’re great!

  19. Christy Willis
    Christy Willis10-08-2013

    I would LOVE to purchase this poster!!!

  20. Bronita Bowens
    Bronita Bowens10-06-2013

    Brian I would love a poster of the 250 ways to say went. Do you know when they will be available?

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko10-07-2013

      I am working on it, this week, Bronita. I’m guessing I’ll be making it available before the end of the month. I’ll keep you posted (no pun intended) on the blog here. 🙂

      • Robyn Thiessen
        Robyn Thiessen12-27-2013

        I would love a couple of posters. Are they available yet?


        • Brian Wasko
          Brian Wasko12-27-2013

          Sorry, Robyn. I’ll follow up on that project. They should be ready by now.

  21. Anne

    This poster is awesome! I’d love to buy one if you print it!

  22. Stacey Gridley
    Stacey Gridley09-18-2013

    Please, please, please….I am a creative writing/English teacher. I would love one of these as well.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko09-18-2013

      Okay. I keep putting this on the back burner. But how can I ignore THREE pleases?

      • Merri Larsen
        Merri Larsen10-30-2013

        add three MORE pleases to that……

  23. Tammy Paolozzi
    Tammy Paolozzi09-05-2013

    I would love this poster and the 100 Ways to Say Said also! Thank you!

  24. Lauren

    I would love a poster of this if you had them printed! Thanks!

  25. Tay Nhu
    Tay Nhu08-27-2013

    Thanks for sharing this helpful poster!

  26. marybeth angulo
    marybeth angulo08-17-2013

    I would also like a copy of the poster 250 ways to say went.

  27. marybeth angulo
    marybeth angulo08-17-2013

    I would also like to know how I can get a copy of the poster 250 ways to say went.

  28. flapp

    I would love a shout to my email when you get a poster to sell/give away. I think they are both awesome. What a great tool for writing. The kids would love this.

  29. Phyllis

    As an English teacher, this is awesome! I randomly make my students line up outside my classroom and use the sentence “(student name) (substitute for went) into the classroom.” Then they have to act the word out as they move into the classroom. The catch is that they can only use a selected word once. So if someone chose “jumped,” then no one else could choose “jumped.” Having such an extensive list would make this activity easier for the students to come up with a variety of words! Thanks for all the effort and let me know when I can get a poster of this! My friends may also want them.

  30. Debra

    Found this poster on Pinterest; now enjoy your blog immensely! I would purchase a poster if you make one available. In the meantime, may I create a page-sized visual to use with a student I tutor? Many thanks!

  31. nerdyteengirl

    Hi! I found your poster on Pinterest, followed it here, love your stuff. I was wondering if I’d be allowed to share this on my blog, linking back and giving all credit to you? Thanks for your time!

  32. Judy

    I would love a poster of both “250 Ways” posts. They’re great, and my students would really benefit from me hanging these in my classroom. Thanks!

  33. Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark05-15-2013

    I would love to have a poster of this, but I did the next best thing. You can use blockposter.com to make a much larger version of the poster.

  34. Terrie

    I would love to have this as a poster!!

  35. Ben

    I may or may not have used a Thesaurus to find two of these:
    Sojourned, continued, revved, embarked, emigrated, scrammed, embarked, and deserted.
    That’s eight for me, and two hundred fifty for you, Mr. Wasko.

  36. Vicki

    I would love a copy of your 250 ways to say went.


  37. Catherine

    This, and the previous one I saw for the word “said”, could be a lot of help to my son! Thank you! If you ever do decide to make a poster format, please post that you did so. I would buy them, for certain.

  38. JerijoCox

    Thanks for composing this list. It is fanTABulous!! I am a former homeshooling mom of four who now teaches 6th grade writing in the public school. We were just talking today in our classroom about ways to replace the words “went” or “go” in our writing!! I had hoped to print off your entire list, but still, I am so grateful for the half I got! If you were to sell this poster, I’d likely buy it!

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko03-08-2013

      You’re welcome, Jerijo. I keep putting off the poster-printing idea. One of these days, I’ll get it done. Thanks for the encouragement.

  39. Jill

    I’d love to get one – did you ever print them??

  40. Lisa

    To bad this is totally worthless without being able to print it for use in the classroom.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko01-31-2013

      Wow. Totally useless? Shoot. I can’t believe I spent all that time on something with no value whatsoever. I guess I didn’t realize that the only possible reason for creating something like this is to post in a classroom. I feel so dumb.

  41. Tim Bruneau
    Tim Bruneau01-23-2013

    Thought of another one: guided.

  42. Joy Glick
    Joy Glick01-20-2013

    I’d love a poster of this too but in 81/2 X 11 size as I have a very small space and even smaller wall space.

    Thank you!

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko01-20-2013

      That might be tough, Joy, but I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  43. jmc

    I would love to print this

  44. CFloyd

    I bet you could get IEW to market this with their stuff and sell to their customers as well! “go/went” is on their banned word list. I’d buy one for my CC/personal students.

  45. Amy

    I think I would like a poster for my homeschool room. I tried printing it off, but it only printed the top 2/3 of the poster.


    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko11-08-2012

      Okay, Amy. Stay tuned. I’ll announce on the blog when they’ll be available.

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