200 Ways to Say Went

200 Ways to Say "Went"

Graphic poster listing 200 alternatives to the verb “went.” Great for teachers and classrooms.

  1. Claudia Singh
    Claudia Singh04-08-2015

    Hi Brian! How do I buy your posters?

  2. Louise

    I need this, can I download it so print or buy it? I teach 7 year olds, this would be perfect 🙂

  3. Debbie Shaffer
    Debbie Shaffer01-17-2014

    I teach 8th grade Special Education. I have a varierty of levels at any time. I would love to make a poster of this. Can you tell me how this would be possible?

    Thank you,

    Debbie Shaffer

  4. Alyssa

    I would love to make this into a poster! Can you tell me how to do so?

  5. Tammie

    Hello Brian,

    I was wondering if this poster is available for purchase or down load.

    Thank you for all of the work you do!


  6. Lisa Young
    Lisa Young02-08-2013

    Can this be purchased, downloaded, etc.? I would LOVE to post it in my classroom and/or give a copy of it to the kids to keep as a reference in their writer’s folders.

  7. Hilary

    Hey, how do we download this file? As well as the poster for 100 ways to say “said”?? Let me know as soon as you can cause it would help my 3rd graders

  8. Melissa

    Every teacher in the world should have this on every wall !!! Thank you so much! 🙂

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