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Still More Writers on Writing


I keep finding writing quotes that inspire me. If they inspire you too, please share them. I put them on our Pinterest board as well.

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Lesson for Young Writers: Avoid Fragments and Run-ons


Growing writers should make it a habit to always write in complete sentences, even if more experienced writers sometimes choose not to. The two mistakes are to create fragments or run-ons instead of complete sentences. This lesson will explain fragments and run-ons and how to correct them…

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Why Choose WriteAtHome?


Those who visit this blog regularly (thank you, by the way) know that I rarely use this space to promote …

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Ten Reasons to Care about Writing Skills


Developing competency in writing takes time and effort. Unless students, teachers, and homeschooling parents are convinced that writing skills matter, they are unlikely to give this academic area the attention it needs. Here are ten reasons everyone who cares about education should care about writing.

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