Narrative Writing Prompt: Unlikely Friends


Lion and mouse

The ancient Greek writer Aesop tells a story of two unlikely friends. It begins when a mouse is captured by a ferocious lion. The frightened little creature pleads for his life, promising to do a favor for the lion one day. The lion is amused, wondering what kind of favor a tiny mouse could do for the great king of the jungle, but he agrees to release him. Sometime later, the lion finds himself trapped in a hunter’s net. The mouse finds him and keeps his word by chewing through the ropes and setting the lion free. After that, the lion and the mouse become good friends.

Write a story in which two unlikely characters become friends. Start by thinking of two characters who wouldn’t normally be friends. Here’s a list of suggestions, but if you have a better idea, feel free to use your own:

  • A policeman and a pickpocket
  • A grumpy old man and a little girl or boy
  • A football player and a ballerina
  • A giant and a dwarf
  • An anteater and an ant
  • A shark and a jellyfish
  • A king and a janitor
  • A vegetarian and a cattle farmer
  • A professional wrestler and an opera singer
  • A rich man and a beggar
  • A computer genius and a dumb jock

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Once you’ve picked your two characters, think of an interesting situation through which these two characters would become friends.

When you write your story, be sure to introduce both of the characters so that the readers feel like they know them right away. When they meet, they may not like each other at first, but something must happen to change their minds. You might end the story by telling what happens to their relationship in the future.


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