5 Common Words That Don’t Rhyme



If you like writing traditional poetry — you know, the kind that rhymes — here’s a list of five words you might want to avoid at the ends of your lines. What I find interesting about this list (found at Reference.com) is that all the words are the common, everyday kind.

1 Orange

This one’s no surprise, right? We’ve all heard that there’s no word in English that precisely rhymes with orange. If you combine two words, you can come close: door hinge, store binge, more singe. But try finding a way to work those into a poem!

Update: According to the Oxford English Dictionary (the Big Daddy of all dictionaries), there is one word listed in its twenty volumes that rhymes with orange. The word is sporange and it is a “very rare alternative form of sporangium (a botanical term for a part of a fern or similar plant).” So, there you go. Myth dispelled. Just kidding. I don’t count a variant of an obscure term in a scientific field. Orange stays on the list.

2 Silver

Hi-ho, I didn’t know that nothing rhymes with silver. You can get pretty close with the name Wilbur. But a literal rhyme means all the sounds are identical other than the initial consonant. B sounds similar to V, but it’s just enough off to disqualify it as a formal rhyme.

3 Bulb

It’s so common I’d never noticed what a funny word this is to say. It’s so funny, in fact, that nobody has created a word similar enough to rhyme.

4 Angel

Lots of words rhyme with angle, the all-too-common misspelling. But angel has none. This surprises me because, unlike bulb, angel is a nice-sounding word. Or maybe I just think that because I like the meaning. No, it’s just nice. Someone should invent a word that rhymes with it. It’s a good poem word.

5 Month

How is it possible that I’ve never noticed that this word is rhymeless? I probably say it at least once a day. When you think about it, it’s kind of an ugly word, isn’t it?

Reference.com also notes that none of  the three spatial measuring words — width, breadth, and depth — have rhymes. Must be something about words that end in a consonant followed by -th — like month.


Do you know other common words that don’t rhyme? Please list them. And add any comments too. I like talking about this stuff.



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  1. Danielle

    Does purple rhyme with anything? Idk lol

  2. Reborn

    Orange rhymes with Blorenge which is a hill in Wales. Silver rhymes with Chilver and month rhymes with oneth, so you can take those off the list.

  3. Ja

    Eminem can rhyme every word from here.

    • Lily

      In a way angel could rhyme with dangle.

      • Biannca

        If you read it Lily it said lots of things rhyme with angle.

  4. Eric

    South …. J/s

  5. Swaj

    Silver rhymes with chilver, a female lamb, and orange rhymes with Blorange, a hill in Wales. Get wrecked.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko12-17-2014

      Actually — it’d be nice if you read the actual article before posting a correction.

  6. jose angel alehandro lopez gonzales phillip
    jose angel alehandro lopez gonzales phillip11-19-2014

    orange rymes with bannana and hat and fart

  7. Elliot

    i found that melancholy doesn’t rhyme with anything (that i know of)

  8. JaQrispi Santos
    JaQrispi Santos06-01-2014

    Blorenge rhymes with orange. Silver rhymes with hilver. Two others people mistake are purple, which rhymes with hirple, and circle, which rhympes with hurkle.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko06-01-2014

      The words you mention, JaQrispi, are either made-up or too obscure to be considered in common usage. In other words, they don’t count.

  9. Aneet

    Eminem rhymed orange with somethings on 60 minutes.

    “People say that the word orange doesn’t rhyme with anything … I can think of a lot of things that rhyme with orange,” said Eminem, seated behind a mixing board at his private recording studio, before effortlessly conjuring an on the spot rap about putting an “orange, four-inch, door hinge in storage” and having “porridge with Geo-rge.”

    - See more at: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2010/10/eminem-finds-five-words-that-rhyme-with-orange-on-60-minutes.html#sthash.jXrXXK5z.dpuf

  10. jack

    have you tried http://www.prime-rhyme.com, it’s a rhyming dictionary and i can find rhymes for some of the words you mentioned.

  11. Richard M.
    Richard M.09-04-2013

    Silver does have 2 words that rhyme with it.

    “Wilver” is one (a nickname) and another is “Chilver” (a ewe lamb).

    Orange has another word that rhymes with it as well besides “Sporange”.

    That word is “Blorenge” (a mountain in Wales).

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko09-04-2013

      Well, there you go.

      BTW, I just decided to nickname my children Skulb, Paynjel, and Dunth. Now all the words have rhymes!

  12. britany

    orange – sporange

    Sporange – A single-celled or many-celled structure in which spores are produced, as in fungi, algae, mosses, and ferns.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko08-15-2013

      Read the article, Britany. I address “sporange.”

    • Tom

      Britany’s thought process:

      “Not another dolt who thinks nothing rhymes with orange.”

      “Read the rest of the article to see if the writer has addressed this variant, I think not, this guy needs putting in his place”

      “Copy and paste definition of sporange.”

      “Now the world will know how smart I am. I’m one of those people others turn to for facts, I’m quirky like that.”

      “Leaves website without reading rest of article”

      • Brian Wasko
        Brian Wasko08-28-2013

        Sorry about the editing to your comment, Tom. I try to keep this blog family friendly. Thanks for having my back though.

        • Tom

          No problem, I rarely swear, but at the time I felt it embodied my satirical point of the knee jerk reactionary type of mindset people seem to possess.

  13. johnny

    orange-storage, silver-liver, bulb-pulp, angel-stranger, month-moth

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko03-17-2013

      All close, Johnny, but none are strictly rhymes. :)

    • John Doe
      John Doe12-30-2013

      Johnny I hope your just joking

  14. amanda


  15. Toro

    Olive, chaos, bachelor

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko01-10-2013

      Nice. I guess I need a longer post!

    • Livi

      Hi I’m Olivia some people call me Liv. What if I asked someone a question like hey is that a grape and they responded with nah Liv that’s an olive.

  16. casey


    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko07-09-2012

      I think that’s another one, Casey. Weird how many color words don’t have rhymes.

  17. CJ

    And it is because of these words that we have Dr. Seuss!

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko07-04-2012

      Because he just made up words that rhyme?

      • Yo

        Like little Wayne haha!

  18. Lois

    Month. Oneth. You know, like oneth or twithe. Edward Lear could do it!

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