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The Heroic Journey, Part 20: Outer Journey


The idea for this stage is “higher stakes, greater complications.” After the Point of No Return at the midpoint of the novel the goal becomes both more difficult and more important to accomplish. The Hero has a harder time accomplishing his goal but is more committed than ever to achieving it.

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Words We Confuse that Spellcheckers Miss, Part G


Today we’ll look at troublesome homophones that start with g. These are words that are easy to misspell or otherwise confuse.

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10 Tips for Evaluating Online Information


“Don’t believe everything you read” is an old expression, but it is particularly true when it comes to online information. There is very little regulation of the internet, which means anyone can publish almost anything. That doesn’t mean students shouldn’t take advantage of the wealth of facts and information available online. It just means they need to be careful and show good judgment.

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The Rule of Three


Experienced writers know there’s something magic about the number three. You’ve got your three bears, three little pigs, even three billy goats gruff. A stool needs three legs, the federal government has three branches, three strikes and you’re out. Three lights make up a traffic light, three sides make a triangle, and everything starts with “one…two…three… go!”

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