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Writing Prompt: Something Out of Place


In one unusual scene in Toni Morrison’s novel, Song of Solomon, two young men come across something unexpected on a car roof in the middle of large city — a peacock. There’s no explanation for its presence. The scene is not important to the plot, though it has symbolic significance. Whatever of the author’s intentions, the image stands out in the reader’s mind because it is a surprising contrast. Your job in this assignment is to describe an “out-of-place” object

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Comics: Figures of Speech Gone Literal


Why do comics like this make me laugh?

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Writing Tip: Save the Best for Last


Sentences are like a meal, and the best strategy is almost always the same:

Save the most important part of a sentence for the end.

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How to Write Description: Specific Details


It’s not the big, obvious things that makes for good description; it’s the small, hard-to-notice things. If you are describing a busy train station, your reader will assume that there’s a train and crowds of people. But the hiss of steam from the engine or the bright blue feather in a woman’s hat are details that give the scene life and interest.

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