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The Other F-Word


This word may not conjure pleasant thoughts, but it’s an old word with an interesting history. And it makes a lot of us laugh, too.

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Can You Decipher These Sesquipedalian Sayings?


Sesquipedalian — how ’bout that for a $10 word? It means “characterized by the use of long words.” So, I suppose in order to use the word sesquipedalian, you have to be sesquipedalian.

But today’s post isn’t just a meditation on the word sesquipedalian. It’s a challenge to the loquacious…

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Irish Inventions


Ten surprising Irish inventions: an infographic.

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The Heroic Journey 14: The Call to Adventure


The Call to Adventure, which happens at about the 10 percent point in movies and anywhere from the 10 to 25 percent point in novels, which can be more loosely structured than movies, is what jars the Hero out of his everyday world and ultimately gets him to cross the Threshold into the Mythological Woods and Initiation and onto the Journey proper.

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A Rube Goldberg Page Turner


I realize that this video only remotely relates to writing, grammar and/or language — the stated topics of this blog. But I just couldn’t help sharing it. One of my daughters and I watched it together this morning and literally LOLed.

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