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The Heroic Journey 4: The Hero’s Traits


We’ve discussed the Hero’s goals and how you can get the reader to identify and sympathize with the Hero. So who, exactly, is the Hero?

He’s an extreme, larger than life, slightly neurotic, driven type. He stands out in a crowd. He should be just a little bit better than the average guy – stronger, wittier, more beautiful, but not excessively so.

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Infographic: Teens, Media, and Multitasking


This isn’t directly related to writing and language, but I found this infographic too interesting and important not to share. Thanks to the Cool Infographics Blog for regularly posting stuff like this.

So, teens and parents of teens: Does information like this frighten you at all?

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Auntie Climax


Cartoon with literary pun. Lower your expectations.

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Octopuses or Octopi?


The editors at Merriam Webster clarify how to correctly pluralize the word octopus. Before you watch, what’s your guess?

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