Infographic: Teens, Media, and Multitasking



This isn’t directly related to writing and language, but I found this infographic too interesting and important not to share. Thanks to the Cool Infographics Blog for regularly posting stuff like this.

So, teens and parents of teens: Does information like this frighten you at all?

Infographic on media and multitasking

The information is a little confusing. The first sentence reads “Young people aged 8-18 spend an average of over 7.5 hours everyday consuming media.” But according to the graph, that was true back in 1999 and has increased to almost 11 hours every day! That’s almost half of every day. Can that possibly be true?

I found the graph about the brain and multitasking particularly interesting.


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  1. Carol Simpson
    Carol Simpson01-14-2012

    I have sure seen a lot of articles lately about the fact that no one really can multi-task effectively, although we think we do. As one who multi-tasks throughout most of my day, I find this startling, disturbing, and hard to believe. However, the evidence is piling up and there is a lot of research to support the fact that when we think we are multi-tasking, we are really just doing more than one task equally poorly! 🙂 I watched a news item on TV recently that graphically demonstrated how performance suffers when you add another task. The idea is that our brain can only focus on one thing at a time and so when we mutli-task, we are really flipping from one thing to the other, and as a result, our thinking about any one of the tasks is diminished, and the results are diminished. Perhaps that’s the secret to people like Leonardo daVinci and Thomas Edison? Did they focus on one task at a time?

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko01-16-2012

      I basically just spend my whole day being distracted by one thing or another. I call it multi-tasking.

      Good thoughts, Carol. So, you’re saying that Leonardo and Edison had the advantage of NOT having web-connected computers?

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