465 Ways to Say “Thank You”


This morning, I wanted to find out how to say “thank you” in Hungarian (in answer to a comment on this post), and Googled my way to a site that lists “thank you” in 465 languages. It was so interesting, I thought I’d share it. Honestly, I didn’t know there even were 465 languages!

There are some other phrases on the site as well if you want to look around.

Here’s a link to the page with the full list: Thank You in Many Languages

A few samples:

  • Arabic: Shukran
  • Bengali: Dhanyabad
  • Cantonese: Doh je or M goi
  • Danish: Tak
  • Mandarin: Toa chie or Xie xie
  • New Zealand English: Cheers
  • French: Merci
  • German: Danke Schoen
  • Hebrew: Toda
  • Indonesian: Makasih or Terima kasih (formal)
  • Hindi: Dhanyawaad
  • Inuktitut: Taikkuu
  • Irish: Go raibh maith agat
  • Italian: Grazie
  • Japanese: Domo Arigato
  • Kashmiri (India, Pakistan): Shukria
  • Korean: Komapsumnida
  • Persian (Iran): Mamnoon
  • Polish: Dziękuję
  • Portugese: Obrigado or Obrigada
  • Russian: Spasibo
  • Spanish: Gracias

Now I need a site to help me with pronunciation!


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