Comic: English Teacher Gone Bad


English Teacher Gone Bad

I’m on the road and have little time for blogging, so I thought I’d just pass along this comic my friend Jim Barr recently shared with me.


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  1. Frederic Durbin
    Frederic Durbin10-26-2011

    In our society, this is a real temptation! I frequently wish I could correct billboards, store windows, etc. (Boy, just wait till they develop long-range Adobe Acrobat directive software! Laser pencil tool . . . highlighting launcher . . .)

    One of the funniest errors I saw was on the window of a tattoo parlor. The name of the shop was:

    Forever Your’s

    So true . . . get a tattoo, and it’s yours for the long haul. And it might just be misspelled, too!

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