James Kotecki Explains “Affect” vs “Effect” More Betterer


I shared one of James Kotecki’s videos recently in which he explains the differences among there, their, and they’re. I like his videos, especially his little theme song. Also, he looks a lot like a guy I know (shout out to Mikey Parsons!). And also, I have a ton of stuff to do and not much time to devote to a fantastically original blog post today. So — here’s another video by James.

You might note that he changed his background to something more desk-toppish and scrapped the handwritten sample sentences for high-tech, on-screen callouts! Seriously — I like this guy and think he does an excellent and entertaining job of explaining these perplexing matters.

Now, if you watch this, you must promise to immediately watch  My Videoon the same topic, and do a thorough compare/contrast review in the comments. Honestly, I like his better.

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  1. Kayli

    It’s really great that people are sharing this iofrnmation.

  2. James Kotecki
    James Kotecki08-11-2011

    Hey thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed my video.

    – James

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko08-12-2011

      Thanks for making it. You haven’t given up have you? I also happen to be a Ron Paul fan and enjoyed your dorm room interview in 2008.

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