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One of my favorite things to do these days is to create YouTube videos about grammar. Yeah, I’m easy to entertain. In fact, I’ve got several I’m working on now that explain the answers to The World’s Toughest Grammar Quiz, which we’ll be posting soon.

While doing professional research (A.K.A. surfing random YouTube videos), I discovered a number of similar videos by James Kotecki. He posts them on his brilliantly titled blog, How To Write More Better-er. Below is a sample. I may post more later, or you can just mess around on his site.

What I love is the concise simplicity of his explanation, his odd humor, his unbuttoned top button, and his strange choice for camera positioning/background. What I hate is that he’s much better at this than I (if you think I should have said “than me” see this video immediately).

Oh, and I wrote about this topic here.

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