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Runners begin a raceWriteAtHome began in 2001 as a home business by a homeschooling dad with a passion for helping kids improve their writing. We had five students that year! Since then, more than 10,000 students have benefited from our friendly and talented writing coaches.

To what do we owe such growth? Certainly it’s in part because our approach works. And it’s in part because of the fantastic team of coaches we’ve been able to put together. And, of course, the kind favor of God is behind it all. But the reason our enrollment increases year after year has a lot to do with the best kind of advertising: word of mouth.

Families who benefit from our program tell their friends. Homeschoolers are like that. They love to pass on news of their latest curriculum discoveries. All the convention appearances and magazine ads in the world don’t compare to happy moms talking us up.

That’s why we are starting over with our blog. And it’s why we are getting into the social networking thing. We have a new Facebook page and a Twitter account and even a YouTube channel–all to make it easier for happy customers to spread the word.

Our goal is to create an online community where people can interact with each other and get help with their writing and their teaching. We’ll be regularly posting tons of helpful free stuff–articles, lessons, assignment ideas, worksheets, checklists, videos, podcasts, etc. We also hope to get some conversations started. We envision thought-provoking, soul-nourishing, encouraging conversations about writing and teaching English in particular, and teaching and homeschooling in general.

Please join our community! You can subscribe to this blog (please post often!), you can like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’d love it if you did all of the above!

Help us spread the word even more!

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Brian WaskoBrian is the founder and president of WriteAtHome.com. One of his passions is to teach young people how to write better.View all posts by Brian Wasko

  1. Mark

    Wow. This is interesting to think. Okay, you had 10,000 students after 10 years (This Blog is from 2011). Now, because of all the social media venues you placed WriteAtHome on, how many students, in just two years, have you accumulated? I bet it has tripled!!! (At least)

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko02-03-2013

      I wish it had, Mark! Social media is helping, and we are looking forward to growth this year for sure, but it’s been slow and steady growth over the years. I’d sure be happy to see our enrollment triple, though!

  1. Our 500th Post!04-15-13

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